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Pricing Table

Website Development Offers

 Type of Website Staring Price (INR)
Portfolio Website5,000*
Static Website8,000*
Social Networking Website12,000*
e-Commerce Website16,000*
Business Portal Website12,000*
Digital Service15,000*

Website Development

 ServicesPricing (INR)
Domain RegistrationCheck Offer
Website HostingCheck Offer
Website Setup1,000
Website Transfer2,000
Website Customizing2,000*
Software/API Integration500*

Website Designing

ServicesPricing (INR)
Basic Website Design2,000
General Website Design5,000
Premium Website Design15,000*
Logo Design200
Premium Logo Design1,000*

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ServicesPricing (INR)
On-Page SEO2,000*
Off-Page SEO2,000*
Website Submissions & Indexing1,000*
Complete SEO20,000*
Mini SEO (Basic SEO)3,000*

 Professional Web Work

ServicesPricing (INR)
High Quality Unique Content (per 1000 words)600
Content Writing (per 1000 words)400
Thumbnails Design
Hire SKR Creations Team2,000/Day
Website Maintenance/Management Work6,000/month
Landing Page1,200*

Business Listing

ServicesPricing (INR)
Google Map300
Search engine1,000
All Business Dictionary1,000*
Seller Registrations (per Reg.)2,000*


ServicesPricing (INR)
Banner Ads300*
Interstitial Ads600*
Slideshow Ads (30 sec)1,000*
Animation Ads (30 sec)3,000*
Animation Video Ads (30 sec)8,000*
Professional Video Ads (30 sec)15,000*

Online Promotions

Google Ads6,000/month*
YouTube Ads5,000/month*
Social Media Ads3,500/month*
Email Ads3,000/month*
Bulk SMS Ads3,000/month*
Advertise on SKR Creations4,000/month*

*If the price increases or decreases, customers will have to pay according to the same time plan.

*These are the starting price. Prices may increase or decrease according to the features of the website and other services.

Note: If any additional work is required to do any work, then the customer will have to pay separately.

Last Updates: 01 March 2020