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What is Android OS? Introduction to Android

What is Android OS? Introduction to Android

What is Android: Android OS is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel, developed by Google. Linux operating system used for server and desktop computers. Therefore Android OS specially made for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phone and tablets.In easy word Android an operating system that is designed to run the applications easily on the mobile phones. For more visit- Free e-Learning Platform Table of Contents Introduction of Android OSArchitecture of Android OS History of Android OSHardware used in Android OSFeatures and Interface of AndroidMultitasking, Connectivity and ApplicationsAndroid versions and their namesLanguage support in Android OSSecurity and PrivacyUpdates on AndroidLicensingFinal Thoughts Introduction of Android OS About Android OS: Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and smartphones and tablet computers such as Linux. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google and other companies. Architecture of Android OS There are five components are available of Android based on that full android platform work and Android is developed to make full use of device with limited memory capacity such as mobile. Android become the more powerful with the use of Linux and kernel and because of that Android can be use for any mobile devices. Android is flexible and easy to understand operating system, Android can run on tablet,smart phone without any difficulty and now a days Android is using  in smart television also. Android has proven a best platform till now and the the features of Android make Android different from other platform. The specialty of the Android is that Android is free and open source operating system...

What is 5G technology, How fast is 4G technology

What is 5G technology, How fast is 4G technology

What is 5G technology, how fast is 4G technology: Hello Friends welcome to SKR Creations, In this Article we discuss about What is 5G technology, how fast is 4G technology. At CES 2018, what we have not done about 5G technology, let us tell you that the technology that is being discussed at the moment, will it be as effective, we will know about it later. It is about to be known only after its launch. But right now because there has been some delay in its launch, let’s know what 5G technology is and how fast it actually is from 4G, and when it is likely to come in the market. If we consider Samsung, it is saying that, 5G technology is wireless fiber. Through which you will get super fast low latency internet everywhere. Apart from this, it can also be said that the 5G network is going to be faster than any home cable internet connection, keep in mind one thing here that this technology is going to be wireless. This means that you are going to get internet at super fast speed without wires. Table of Contents What is 5G?How fast is the 5G network going to be?How will a 5G network work?When is it going to be availableFinal Thoughts What is 5G? We can be called 5G as the industry standard, which is faster than the currently running 4G LTE standard. Just like the way 4G has come in place of 3G, the fifth generation network has emerged as 5G instead of 4G, you can call it the new generation standard. If we look...

How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020

How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020

Hello Friends, In this article, we will discuss How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020. If you are a blogger, you can also think about the speed of your website for some time, how can you overcome the low speed problems of a WordPress site? Not only this problem was faced but about 80% of bloggers also faced the same problem. Don’t worry that we are giving you a perfect solution to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020. In terms of search engine optimization, your website should be loaded more quickly because according to Google algorithm there is a great chance for a website to rank higher in Google position for faster website speed. So make sure that your WordPress site loads fast and removes unnecessary plugins you have installed from your site. There are many ways to improve the speed of a WordPress site. But today in this article, I am going to solve How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020. Table of Contents Why is website speed important?How to check website speed?Why does your WordPress site load slowly?How to increase WordPress website speed without plugin in 2020WordPress hosting:WordPress Site Design:Remove plugins you don’t use often:Create a separate page for the comments section:Media compression:Use image thumbnails:Use the WordPress caching plugin:Use Google Drive for serving media:Split your long post into several parts:Use the Content Delivery Network:Regularly update WordPress:Install fast plugins:AMP for WordPress:Regularly check the speed of your website:Fix without HTTPS or SSL error plugin:Final Thoughts Why is website speed important? Every visitor comes to your website for the content found on your...

Top 10 Insurance Companies in India 2020

Top 10 Insurance Companies in India 2020

Hello friends, In this article, we will discus top 10 insurance companies of India in 2020. In the present world, Insurance Companies in India may happen that Calamity comes to every progress of life. Insurance Companies is up to our family to be reliably safe. Assuming that he is the only breadwinner in the family. He considered buying a life insurance policy with a good amount. If his misfortune is anything, his family is financially secure. One day, there are some troubles and none but a bread maker. After much effort and emotional turmoil, the family resumes. They remember that they have an insurance policy they should be given a good amount to count. They contact the insurance company but it turns out that the process is paying their claim is not very amicable. This made the family of the deceased to go to the hundred of the insurance company’s office only to receive a portion of their dues. Seeing her poor emotional state, the entire stage became terrible for the family. Table of Contents Insurance Companies in IndiaTop 10 Life Insurance Companies In India 20201- LIC Insurance Corporation Of India2- ICICI Prudential Life Insurance3- SBI Life Insurance4- HDFC Standard Life Insurance5- Max Life Insurance6- Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance7- Birla Sun Life Insurance8- Reliance Nippon Life Insurance9- TATA AIA Life Insurance10- PNB Metlife India InsuranceTop 10 Health Insurance Companies in India 20201. Max Bupa Health Insurance2. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited3. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company4. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited5. Religare Health Insurance Company Limited6. Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited7. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance...

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts.

How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts.

Hello Friends, In this Article we will discuss about How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts. When developing killer content for your blog or website, do you want to know how to write SEO friendly articles and make blog posts attractive so that your visitors visit your blog often? As you know there are millions of blogs in the internet world and new blogs are being added to it every day. SEO friendly articles: But do you know that most blogs do not even get 1000+ visitors per month. And we are sure that you do not want to fall into that category. Instead, you want to improve the quality of your blog so that it can drive a lot of traffic every month. Do you know why a blog fails? The only reason is lack of quality materials. Those blogs do not contain attractive content. Therefore it is most important to remember that you need to write quality content for your blog. Having a compelling blog post is another key to successful blogging. First go through some of the key materials on successful blogging. Then we will discuss the most important thing ” How to write SEO friendly articles and engaging blog posts “. Do you know, today’s environment is content based? A few years ago anyone with any kind of content could rank on the first page of Google. But now Google is very smart and only ranks pages that have relevant high-quality content. So let’s discuss the major content of writing a engaging blog posts. There are two main ideas to writing a engaging...

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